A couple of days ago it was reported that a young man had been lynched in the premises of the Golden Temple by a mob of Sikhs angered by a presumed desecration of their holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib.

The ‘desecration’ was roundly condemned by all the usual suspects…

A couple of days ago, Sri Lankan citizen Priyantha Kumara Diyawadanage was lynched by a mob of workers in the Pakistani textile factory where he worked as a manager. It seems that he had asked for stickers stuck to machines to be removed before the visit of an international delegation…

I often wonder what will happen to India. Given its ancient Hindu past, it’s perpetual uneasy relationship with Islam and the increasing population and assertiveness of its Muslim population, what does the future bode for India?

Despite what you may read about Hindu right wingers, the fact remains that these…

How did foreigners rule this country so easily?

For most of the time that the British ruled India, there were hardly any British soldiers in the country. India was conquered for the British by native Indian soldiery led by British officers. Why were the native soldiers loyal to the British…

I flew my last flight (I almost said sortie) on 31 Dec 2020. Three days later I turned 65 and my Airline Transport Licence (ATPL) expired. From now on I can do hobby flying, but no commercial flying for remuneration. So what began on 27 Jan 1977 in Bidar at…

Counterview: Not all Islam is Islamofascism, but Islamofascism is in fact Islam

To call Islamofascism opponents Islamophobic, suggests that there is only one way to be a Muslim and only one kind of Islam.

by Nazneen Sayyad & Sajida Sheikh

We are activist-scholars: precisely the kind who are criticised by…

The Nirbhaya Case Convicts (above)

They killed another girl today
After the one the day before
Beaten, tortured first
And then killed, slowly

Who killed them, you ask
Why, their families,
Fathers, brothers, uncles
Even their mothers

Why, you ask. Why?
I too ask, why? …

Signed off today
on my last flight
After forty four years
Have flown my last kite

Glorious? Well, maybe
But I had fun
And killed no one
And that’s important

Up before dawn
Wheels up at sunrise
Flying into a new day
Fields and houses zipping past

Or at dusk…

Roberto de Nobili — the Brahmin of Madurai

Who is Speedy, you ask. Well it’s me.

Cows are sacred in India, whether dead or alive.

Cows are sacred to Hindus. In fact the cow is seen by Western writers and tourists as the very image of an unchanging India. Pictures of cows nonchalantly chewing the cud as they lie sprawled across roads, casually blocking traffic, as people and cars make their way around them, are…

Ramesh Sukumaran

Ex Indian Air Force fighter pilot and retired civil aviation captain, interested in history science and literature avtion

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