Incident in the Desert

I could see the wreckage from quite far away. It was still fairly early in the morning — a desert winter’s day — bright blue sky and unlimited visibility, an aviator’s delight. “Can you see the chute?”, one of us shouted over the noise. The pilot shook his head.

As we drew closer, the pilot raised the aircraft’s nose to slow down the helicopter. We could now see the debris of what had been an aircraft, more clearly. The pilot pointed in the direction of some trees. The blue of his overall was clearly visible and a trace of orange fabric too. So, the chute had come out. Could he be all right? The pilot brought the chopper to a low hover. I jumped off. “Aren’t you coming ?”, I asked the doctor we had brought along. He looked a little green about the gills. “I don’t think its any use now”, he said. The chopper lifted off. I was alone.



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Ramesh Sukumaran

Ex Indian Air Force fighter pilot and retired civil aviation captain, interested in history science and literature avtion